The BICA band are made up of Barry, Ian, Corinne and Ann. Until they released their first CD, No Argument (always available from the club), we all thought they were called the Bicker band - how could we have been so unfair?

The line up is as follows:

Barry Priest: Lead Vocals / Guitar
Ian Munro: Lead Vocals / Guitar / Mandolin / Bouzouki
Corinne Priest: Vocals / Guitar / Keyboard / Accordian
Ann Munro: Vocals / Bodhran / Flute

 They are four very talented singers and musicians who are not only residents at the Woodman, but also play around other clubs and festivals in the West Midlands.

On the left you can see them playing with Ian Bruce by the river at the 1999 Upton Folk Festival. From Left to Right:

Ann, Corinne, Barry, Ian, Ian Bruce