A longtime fan of old-style blues music, this ‘born again’ guitar picker has only recently rediscovered his musical roots and started playing in front of audiences. He is presently drifting around the low-down bars and juke-joints of the Black Country, playing to any folk who will listen, asking only for a plate of backfat pork and greens and a straight bourbon whiskey (or a bag of scratchings and pint of Banks’s mild).

Originally from the coal mining town of Barnsley in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire, John has settled in the Smethwick Delta, and is still sharecropping a quarter acre in the notorious Bearwood dustbowl.

His singing and playing are strongly influenced by John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. Playing guitar, mandolin and a home made slide guitar (converted from a discarded wreck of a guitar found on the street), John brings the influences of Ry Cooder and Robert Johnson to his repertoire.

An eclectic interest in music (and a history of playing in the punk bands ‘The Surprises’ and ‘Hot Pencils’ of the late 1970’s and early 80’s) means that he has little regard for musical conventions. He is pushing the envelope of present day folk music by musical explorations with blues standards such as ‘Crossroads’ played on an amplified toy guitar at 110 decibels and ‘Cocaine’ on the little-known South American Cuatro. Versions of ‘C.C. Rider’ and ‘Limehouse Chinese Laundry Blues’ played on the electric ukulele may soon be realised in live performance, once he has glued together enough scrap plywood and recycled plastic to finish his latest unique home-made musical instrument.

Currently (June 2003) on his most frequently played CDs are:

O Brother Where Art Thou?
The Best of Hank Williams
Kent DuChaine
Live at Loufiats
The Best of Paulo Conte
Ry Cooder Paradise & Lunch
Tom Waits Nighthawks at the Diner

John's latest musical collaboration is with Hendrik Fahrenholt, who together are the infamous "Black Country Mountain Yodellers"