Woodman Booking Policy

Page Updated
23 Sep 2014


Who Runs It?
The volunteer organisers of the Woodman Folk Club are:
Debby Jones - Derry Jones

Derry & Debby
What Genres are acceptable?
All types of acoustic/electro-acoustic music both traditional and contemporary with a folk feel, are welcomed and also on occasion electric bands, (such as Jazz/Blues outfits), that err on the side of folk. Folk rock and World music is also an option.

When do Guests Perform?
The Woodman Folk Club runs every Friday evening from September to mid July.
See Homepage for club closures-dates. All timings are approximate.
• Doors open at 7.00pm for artists, audience arrive around 8:00pm.
• Selected floor artists/resident band Start the night at 8:30pm until 9:00pm.
• Guest artist 1st half performance starts at 9:00pm until 9:45pm.
• Break and Raffle from 9:45pm to 10:00pm.
• MC./selected floor artist Performance from 10:00pm to 10:10pm.
• Guest artist 2nd half performance starts at 10:15pm until 11:00pm.
• Encore until 11:10.
A house PA system with monitors is normally used. An experienced sound engineer is also supplied.
Of course if you wish to bring your own sound system/crew that’s fine just let us know at the time of booking

Where is The Woodman Folk Club?
The Woodman Folk Club
C/o The Social Club,
Ashwood Marina,
Ashwood Lower Lane
Click on the link for a map.

Bookings: Who to Contact?
All initial contacts for bookings should be made via the e-mail address shown below please.
Thereafter, upon acceptance: e-mail/telephone/post may be used.
Email: desdebwoodman@gmail.com
Tel: 01384-560462 (for follow up only).

Bookings: Who Can Make Them?
Bookings may be accepted through an agent or directly from an artist/band, or their official representative.
• The performance fee/arrangement will be agreed at the time of booking.
• The performance fee/arrangement will be confirmed in writing in either or both of the following formats:
1. A Completed Written Contract.
2. An e-mail confirming acceptance of the fee by both parties.
No purely verbal agreements will be accepted.
Please note: Door / ticket prices are set by the Woodman Folk Club organisers.

Bookings: Cancellation
If an artist/band or The Woodman Folk Club cancels:
Under most circumstances the following course of action would be expected:
• As much prior notice as is reasonably possible to give.
• An alternative date for a re-booking if possible.
• The artist/band/Woodman Folk Club will honour any contractual obligations resulting from cancellation.
A common-sense approach will be taken at all times. We all know the unexpected can and will happen from time to time.

Bookings: Program Material
The performing artist/band will take full responsibility for the content of their performance.
Please keep within the letter of the law regarding Race, creed, religion, intolerance etc.
Again please use common sense when performing Traditional songs containing any mild references to the above. A brief explanation must be offered up front, to fully contextualize the content of such songs.
In extreme cases, The Woodman Folk Club reserves the right to stop any offensive performances.

Bookings: Accommodation/Meals
The Woodman Folk Club does not normally provide hotel accommodation or a meal allowance.
However: If it is necessary for an overnight stay it may possible to stay as guests at the organiser’s house. There is one double bedroom and one single folding bed in a separate room available.
A meal/refreshments may be provided at the organiser’s house before travelling the short distance to The Woodman Folk Club.
Please inform the organiser’s of any special dietary requirements. If such requirements are derived from a medical condition, you may be required to provide your own food/refreshments.
The artist must be able to arrive at the organiser’s house around 4:30pm to allow enough time to eat before setting off to The Woodman Folk Club premises.
All arrangements must be agreed with the organiser’s at the time of booking.

Bookings: Acceptance/Refusal
Please understand that resources are limited and that not all booking requests can be accepted.
If you are not booked it could be for many different reasons.
It is not The Woodman Folk Club’s intention to infer any negative connotations pertaining to the artist/band abilities, talent or material. In most cases, you will be invited to try again at a later date.
Rudeness or offensiveness will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion from any further consideration or contact.

This booking policy is for advice only. It does not form part or whole of a contract.