Bryn Phillips - Lyrics

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Are You All Cowards?
Around and Around
Black Patch Park
Cargo Cult
Chico Mendes
Dead Man Ride
Doctor Tonks
Duck Shooting
Father Confessor
How Does It Feel
I Couldn't Believe What They'd Done
I Hear You Calling
It Would Have Been Easy
John Horwood's Lament
Killer In Disguise
Moon Spin
SatNav Sally
Seventy Seven Years
Shallow Water
Silver and Gold
Skin and Bone
Sophie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Spring Heeled Jack
The Anchorite
The Angels' Share
The Call of the Laughing Dove
The Designers
The London Necropolis Railway
The Telegram
The Terracotta Warriors
The Throckmorton Coat
The Ungrateful Nailmaker's Apprentice
Throne of Stone
Tomorrow The Sorrow Begins
Travelling Girl
Treacle Town
Valentine Gray
Waiting For The Barbarians
When Pacquiao Fights Again
White Horse Blues
Writing Comes Hard to a Man
Yellowstone Park
You Can't Blame Me