A Message from Derry & Debby
Hello Folketeers,

Happy New Year!

Well: what can I say and where shall I start?
2014 was a great year for the club. We managed to provide a huge variety of acts, some new, some well established and some, well quite crazy.
The year went out in style with the fantastic Woodman Pantomime, ably assisted by our good friends at the Bromsgrove Folk Club and beyond.

We would like to say a great big THANK YOU to all of our friends and helpers who make running this club such an absolute pleasure. It would not be possible to do what we do, without this incredible support team.

We all love the Woodman Folk Club because itís a special place, but more than that, itís jam packed full of special, dear people, who know how to enjoy themselves. Thatís the secret, people. Itís you lot that make the Woodman Folk Club what it is, so please keep doing what it is you do!

I hope you all had a great time over Christmas.

Now on to 2015:

Well here we are folks, safely arriving at the beginning of 2015 and looking forward to the club reopening on the 9th January.

We are excited at the line up for this year. The focus is well and truly on variety. Itís a recipe that has worked well for the club during our tenure, so we ainít gona change it!

Please take a look at our excellent web site for full details of all the great performers we have booked for you this year.

Donít forget to tell all of your friends and colleagues about the Woodman Folk Club and hopefully we can build on our success throughout 2015.

See you all on Friday 9th January.

Enjoy Yourself!

Derry & Deb x