Woodman Folk Club Provisional Opening Plan

Hello Folketeers,

Well, what a year it’s been. I’m not going to dwell on how dreadful it’s been, because we are all well aware of that.

Now we have a glimmer of hope offered to us by our fantastic NHS. Vaccinations are being rolled out at breakneck speed and uptake is generally good.

This means that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not a train, it’s a pretty little narrowboat chugging slowly towards us. We know it will get here and we know it will be marvellous when it does, but it will take a little time. That is what needs to happen with the Woodman Folk Club.

We, like you, can’t wait for it to open. Opening the club again is our passion, but our prime concern is the safety of our members and the safety of the many excellent performers that we welcome into our musical family every Friday night.

To be safe and to gain the confidence of all our friends and members, we will of course follow all of the relevant guidelines/laws.

The government has given us a “road map”, back to relative normality. Our “road map” will be a meld of official government instructions and what we feel will be an acceptable pace for the majority of you lovely people who come along to support us to be thoroughly entertained every week. Without an audience, the whole thing would be pointless.

So, what’s happening?

On the 21st of June the government aim is to open most things up to the public and this is the date that has everyone excited, but before we all start singing, “Oh the Summertime is Coming”, we have to look at that little Devil!

The Devil is indeed in the detail and the headline-catching 21st of June, is dragging a few important caveats’ along behind it.

The opening of live entertainment centres, “us”, will be dependent upon several government pilot studies so called, (Events Research Programmes) and any decisions will be based on the outcome of these programmes.

What does that mean?

The Events Research Programme will determine various aspects of the on-going situation:

• Has the virus started to spread again?
• Is it safe to open?
• Will a vaccination certificate be required?
• Will a negative flow test be required?
• Will social distancing still be required indoors?
• Will PPE still be required indoors.

All of these questions are yet to be answered before the safety criteria can be set by the government.

What does this mean for the Woodman Folk Club?

If all of the above criteria are fulfilled, we can proceed.

We will assume that our Folk Festival scene will restart at some time during the Summer months. Opening the Woodman Folk Club during this period would be counter-productive, so where do we start?

Initially, we need to begin contacting the artistes that we had to cancel from last year to arrange provisional bookings and hopefully resume from where we left off. This will depend on the availability of each artiste and it may well be necessary to make substitutions.

Taking all the above into account, we are working on a timetable starting from:
Friday the 17th of September 2021
, (the week after Bromyard FF).

We must stress that this is a provisional date, but we think it gives everyone the time and space to rebuild confidence and return to the club feeling, excited, joyous and safe.

If our plans have to change for any reason and/or for confirmation of the opening date, we will make further announcements to keep you informed.
Get ready to:

Enjoy Yourself!

Debby and Derry xx