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15 Oct 2023



<Links to the many artists who have appeared at the club can be found on the diary pages>

  All Music Guide Find biographical information and recording history of your favourite artist, whether it be folk, blues, rock, rap, gospel, world, reggae etc etc 
  Basic Music Theory Elements These basic elements are the structure and framework for which music is formed. Knowing these elements is what allows you to study, play, compose, re-harmonize, and work with other musicians in a common language.
  Beesweb This is the Official Richard Thompson Site. Worth a visit, just to be impressed by the site. Whilst you're there, try the Song-O-Matic. 


Bob Dylan

The official site for Dylan Aficionados. 
Lyrics of Dylan's songs, listed by album

  Bob Dylan This is a wonderful site for anyone who wants to explore Dylan's albums in a well organised uncluttered way. All of his albums are listed and if you click on one you get the front and back cover art together with dates, track listings etc. Click on a track and you get the lyrics. Brilliant!
  Bromsgrove Folk Club Good friends of the Woodman, the resident band, Fairfield Folk, are resident players in the award winning Woodman Pantomime. Oh no they're not ... Oh yes they are!
  Celfyddydau Mari Arts Home of the Llantrisant Folk Club and various other Welsh connections. A nicely laid out site.
  Chord House All the guitar chords and scales your ever likely to need with a very nifty graphical interface. You've got the Guitar Room (Easy), the Guitar Room (Advanced) and also the Piano Room. Very clever.


Chris Smither

This is a good site for Chris Smither devotees. Hear the songs, get the lyrics, buy the merchandise and most important, find out when he's next in the UK!

  Delta Blues Museum If you are a blues aficionado and visit the USofA, then this is a must. Alternatively just browse the site ... check out the merchandise
  Dominic Ward Dominic Ward is a local folk musician and songwriter living in Sedgley, Dudley. You can check out his music, which is free to download from his website.


Don McLean

For all you American Pie fans out there


Ents Webs Folk Musicians

A handy directory of folk singers/musicians/bands. It takes you straight to the relevant web site



No, this isn't Paul's home page it's the Folk & Roots Online Guide which contains an incredible number of links all over the world.


Folk Images from NW England and beyond

 A wonderful site! Pictures of many artists, lots of links - what's on, local radio etc etc


Folk Roots

A link to the Folk Roots Magazine

  Folk World Lots of links to European world and folk music through this European Folk Magazine

A west Midlands Site with some local information, particularly in the Bedworth Area.

They describe themselves as a "Folking good site" and it is! News, videos, mp3 files and the Dave Burland Radio Show.


Fylde Guitars

Drool, you guitarists, drool!

  Guitar Noise Online guitar lessons, from tuning up, to using a capo to soloing / improvisation and songwriting. A pretty comprehensive site. 
  Guitar Site - Tuition This tuition page has got everything from how to tune up for slide to the "anatomy" of a classical guitar. Book a page in your diary to visit - you'll be there a long time!


Harmonica Lessons.Com

This is an excellent site for learning to play the Blues Harp. My first thought was for Paul....

  Hear The Music Play This is a very useful review site for musical equipment. Guitars, effects boxes, banjos, even harmonica cases are covered. As well as making specific recommendations it also gives some pointers when choosing equipment The information US based, giving costs in $ and links to US sites, but generally you will be able to find the equipment listed in the UK with a quick internet search


Henry & Susanne's Folksong Index

An excellent resource for lyrics, nicely presented with a few midi files thrown in for good measure


Hobgoblin Music

You've hung around the stand at the festivals, now you can browse the on-line store - PLUS lots of links

  Ian Pittaway Ian Pittaway's site - Traditional and early music on voice, guitars and period instruments


Leonard Cohen

Last time Keith Hancock visited the club he told us that Leonard Cohen was in a monastery. Well he had been, but he came back down the mountain in 1999 with armfuls of poems and songs.


Martin Simpson

All sorts of Martin Simpson stuff here - including merchandise.


Mr Red's Mid West ( You've seen him at the festivals, now visit his web site! Loads of information re folk clubs and sessions in the around the W Mids, Gloucester, Worcs, Somerset etc etc. Brilliant!


Musical Traditions

An on-line folk magazine which will keep you busy for hours and hours! A must-visit site.

  Open Tunings Tutorial An excellent introduction to the exciting world of open guitar tunings


Ralph McTell

Ralph McTell's Official Home Page


Robert W Service

The poems of Robert Service are sometimes featured by folk performers and others. From the comic-macabre "Ballad of Blasphemous Bill" to the poignant WW1 poems of his "Rhymes of a Red Cross Man", you'll find something to make you stop and think ...... and maybe shed a tear or two.


Selected English Folk Singers

A good resource for photos and brief bios of some English folk singers

  SIMM07TS's Channel - YouTube You've probably seen Pete Simmonds at various folk festivals filming the artists for his YouTube channel. Well worth browsing through and finding your favourite artists.  


Storytelling FAQ

Find out what frequently asked questions there are about storytelling and get the answers!

  Sunday Folk Listen again to Sunday Folk with Genevieve Tudor, and see the latest play list.
  Surge Music Online live music guide for the Midlands


Text Seite

A German site with lyrics of English and German songs. To give you an idea of how thorough this site is ... have you found the complete lyrics of Alice's Restaurant posted anywhere else - Apart from, maybe, Arlo's site?


The Band of Rack & Ruin

One of the best Folk-Rock bands around - and a very nice web-site, too!

  The Night Watch Mediaeval, renaissance and baroque music on period instruments reviving the genuine links between folk music and early music. 


The Original Unofficial Steve Earle Site

It may not be folk music, but Steve Earle's songs often get played in sessions. Here's where you can learn about him as well as picking up some lyrics and guitar tabs

  The Sandpiper Folk Club
The Sandpiper Folk Club gets together every fortnight on Wednesday evenings throughout the year. It opens at 7:30 p.m. ready to start the evening's entertainment at 8:00 p.m..
  The Traditional Music Library A huge archive of traditional, folk & old music - song-books with lyrics & chords, tune-books, sheet-music, scores, old songs, midi backing tracks, tabs, music lessons & theory, learn to play guides for various instruments, chord diagrams, scales and other music educational & academic reference materials. Also links to venues


Tom Rush

Tom Rush was/is one of the US Folk/Blues greats. Here you can have a nostalgia trip through his recordings and catch up with what he's doing now.

  Willenhall Folk & Acoustic Club The Club runs on a Wednesday night, starting at 8:15. Most nights are Singers' Nights with the occasional guest night.