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23 Mar 2022



Bob Dylan

The official site for Dylan Aficionados. 
Lyrics of Dylan's songs, listed by album

  Bob Dylan This is a wonderful site for anyone who wants to explore Dylan's albums in a well organised uncluttered way. All of his albums are listed and if you click on one you get the front and back cover art together with dates, track listings etc. Click on a track and you get the lyrics. Brilliant!


Digital Tradition (Mudcat Cafe)

This is the site to find the lyrics of that song you can't quite remember


Henry & Susanne's Folksong Index

An excellent resource for lyrics, nicely presented with a few midi files thrown in for good measure


Selected English Folk Singers

A good resource for photos and brief bios of some English folk singers


Singer Songwriter Directory A database of singer songwriters, which includes over 700 from the UK. It's not comprehensive, but fun to browse through and see who you can find.


Text Seite

A German site with lyrics of English and German songs. To give you an idea of how thorough this site is ... have you found the complete lyrics of Alice's Restaurant posted anywhere else - Apart from, maybe, Arlo's site?


The Original Unofficial Steve Earle Site

It may not be folk music, but Steve Earle's songs often get played in sessions. Here's where you can learn about him as well as picking up some lyrics and guitar tabs


The Traditional Ballad Index

"An Annotated Bibliography of the Folk Songs of the English Speaking World" - In other words where to go to find out what that obscure traditional ballad is really about. Great site!


Yet Another Digital Tradition Data Base

As well as the Digital Tradition Database, this site offers GIF and PostScript scores