Malcolm Jeffrey. Husband, father, bass player, "humorous" guitarist, Marathon runner, Computer Programmer, juggler, solver of the Rubik's Cube, and Inventor (and Sole Owner) of the Explodable Steam-Driven Hairless Toupee with Integral Leather Saxophone.

Possessed of arguably the finest baritone voice ever heard on an English or European stage, Malcolm was born at an early age and has been approaching 40 ever since, researching into his solo project of Prolonging Ones Adolescence Beyond All Previously Feasible Limits.

Whilst weak from Bathams drinking in 1981, Malcolm was introduced to folk session playing in Stourbridge's Royal Exchange by Gaynor Butler and Ami Heywood, and has continued playing bass in his own somewhat unusual style till this day, bassing for such folk and acoustic bands as Porpentine, Drops O' Brandy, Pyracantha, Art, Bart and Fargo, Eyes In The Mirror and The Psychedelic Cowboys.

Somewhere around the same time Malcolm began running Marathons and discovered that training for races afforded huge amounts of spare time in which to memorise complicated and risible song lyrics whilst his legs were working : 55 Marathons later, Malcolm has "collected" a surprisingly large repertoire of supposedly funny songs by such artistes as Jake Thackray, Fred Wedlock, Flanders and Swann, Jasper Carrott, Viv Stanshall, Kenneth Williams, Martin Carthy, David Love, Bill Oddie and the evil and perverse Tom Lehrer.

These songs he will perform ad nauseam if asked and if there is any beer involved in any way. Malcolm is always approachable for bookings, beer, dreadful jokes, Marathon training schedules and compilation error assistance, and is cheap, inoffensive and does his own ironing. However, Malcolm is not keen on broccoli and if monies are involved, he requests cheques, notes and postal orders only please - he is allergic to the sound of silver.