Paul was born in 1960 in Sunderland in the North East of England, and despite being well travelled and having lived in the West Midlands for some seven years still retains the Geordie "twang" (although it tends to come out most of all whilst under the influence of alcohol or when deliberately laying it on thick for songs from his native area, such as "Byker Hill").

In 1999 Paul left his job in industry to re-train and teach in secondary school (like many a good folky) and says he hopes he might get the bonus of half a chance of spending a little more time writing songs. Some of his own compositions such as "Building Walls", "Sad Sign of these Times" and "Year 2000 and Bad" have featured in his regular floor-spots at the Woodman, where he has been singing for about all of his time in the area.



Footnote:  When Paul started playing at the Woodman he was always introduced as Big Paul. However, after various heroic diets, he has slimmed down considerably and is now introduced as Medium Paul. When he finally becomes Slim Paul, will he turn it round to Paul Slim and become a Geordie Blues Singer?