A Special Message from Paul & Angela
Just before the temporary cessation forced on public venues due to the covid 19 pandemic, including the Woodman Folk Club, a few of you knew of the decision that Angela and I had taken to relocate to my native North East. Things like ageing, family ties, great house prices and the opportunity for village life were all factors in that decision. We weren't quite sure when it would happen but we knew it would be after Angela's mum had passed away as she was dependent on our help. Sadly she did pass in February and a couple of weeks after my house went up for sale. It took us a bit by surprise that it sold in 3 days and 3 days later were were up North and found a house we loved. We are expecting to move on the 5th of June.

I moved to the West Midlands for work back in in May 1993, so that's 27 years here. Throughout that time the WFC and all of the friends I've made as a result of going have been such an important part of my life. I've seen it take place in 3 venues: the actual "Woodman" pub in Mount Pleasant (I even bought a house in the same street!), for a short time the no longer standing "Stewpony" and for the last few years at the splendid current location at Ashwood Marina. A big thank you to the patrons in particular Lynn and Carl from the Woodman and Pat and Geoff and Elaine down at the Marina.

Another great deal of thanks is owed to the organisers during those 27 years: Mick Harrington ("Herringbone"), Ann and Ian Munro and most recently my good friends Deb and Derry Jones who have taken the club from strength to strength, and with whom I have had the great joy to perform with at the club and at other clubs and festivals in the region in "Nothing To Prove". The band of course would not have been complete with my friend Rob O'Dell and before him Trevor Durden who we all remember with affection. Sadly I have seen other friends from the club shake off this mortal coil, including Tony Jones, Maggie and Pete Brown and most recently "Pete on the door". However I have made many friends, some from the first time I walked in 27 years ago and some much more recently. You have been great to share the good and bad times with and you have made me feel happy and cared for. You have also extended that welcome recently to Angela who I know I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

Thank you all so much and I hope you are able to resume in September. If we are ever in the area we shall endeavor to pay you a visit, and we may see some of you at the occasional festival in the future. So not much left to say other than to quote Douglas Adams - "So long and thanks for all the fish".

Paul and Angela. xx