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15 May 2022


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Woody Family Chris Irving  
February 2018: Helping Debby by cheerfully looking after the "Table By The Door" in her absence. April 2022: Woody and Willow with their children, Wilma and Wilf, together with their newly adopted Ukranian baby, Vlodymyr May 2022: Chris Irving wearing his kilt whilst MC'ing for Dave Gibb  
Pete Kelly
January 2018 - Derry enthusiastically modelling some lingerie in support of John Hoare's latest song. March 2018 - Rob demonstrating that it is possible to hold a banjo and smile at the same time January 2020 - Pete Kelly and his 'osses, John & Dick January 2020 - Two cowboys for the day
June 2017: Guess the Band June 2017: Even instruments need to take a break now and then September 2017:Woodman Photoshoot Featuring AJC T-Shirts September 2017: Debby and Derry gain some ground for "Woody" in the AJC T-shirt photoshoot
June 2017: To quote Les "A Good time was had by all" - Part I June 2017: To quote Les "A Good time was had by all" - Part II June 2017: To quote Les "A Good time was had by all" - Part III June 2017: The Woodman Mexican Wave
Megan Models Movicol T-Shirt
January 2016: Megan is called to the stage to model her Movicol T-Shirt as a visual aid to illustrate Paul's medical reminiscences. May 2016: Chris being interviewed for the post of "Woodman Security Chief". Luckily he didn't get the job. June 2017: The pixellator did his best but some would say some retraining is required June 2017: Paul, doing the Spaghetti Shuffle
Photograph By: Bob Kemp Photograph by: Bob Kemp
October 2012: Ann and Ian accept the presentation from Debbie in appreciation for their 14 years work in running the Woodman Folk Club May 2014 Photoshoot at the Woodman. Debby and Derry on stage with Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston November 2014: Debby  and Derry present a cheque to Paul Bartley for The Whitehouse Cancer Support  August 2105: Derry keeping cheerful in the rain at Moira Furnace Folk Festival
Shrewsbury 2009: Having won First Prize, a luxury holiday for two courtesy of radio Shropshire, Trevor & Kate seemed a little disappointed with their final destination. Shrewsbury 2009: Reg, gasping for air at the open window, venomously cursed the Fireman for his late night experiment with Fagots, goats cheese & curry. Shrewsbury 2009: The Man With No Name makes a brief appearance at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 

Shrewsbury 2010: Tim explores his feminine side
Visit of Bob McBob the canny Scottish Poet, 2008 The relief on Peter's face was tangible. 12 hours hed waited for the Fire Brigade to angle grind that stuck zipper!, 2008

Shrewsbury 2009: Cunningly disguised as an innocent group of tourists, the Woodman elite advanced guard lead the heroic insurgence into Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Bryn's Fairy Tales, 2006 The Woodman Shamrock, 2006 The Bar-Prop Quartet, 2007 The John Richards Gospel Quartet, 2008
Learn the Chorus
 - 4mb Movie File, 2005
Debbie & Busby, 2005 All the very best, Pete, 2006 Anyone seen my pidgeon?, 2006
Halloween, 2005 Lin & Blondie, 2005 zzzz zzzz zzzz, 2005 The Lighthouse Meets Woodman, 2005
Eye, Eye 25/11/04  Pete and his trusty shillelagh, 18/3/05 Audience,8/4/05 Fish Fingers, April 04
Paul & The Frog
Lynn & Trevor
Hello, Australia
Ready for Halloween
The Gathering - Alice playing the violin with sticks Debby McClatchy & Yvonne Parkes
Alice playing the fiddle with sticks! 5/3/04 Debby McClatchy 
& Yvonne
The Crag Band
Soldiering On ...

Burntwood Campsite 2003

Kate Durden

Kate Durden

Nothing to Prove

Burntwood Campsite 2003 Kate auditioning for NTP Woman of Mystery Nothing to Prove, Plenty to Drink
Rob & Rita, Crystal Folk The Booze Bros & Friends - Woodman Genevieve Tudor & Allan Price The BICA Band off-stage
Rob & Rita at Crystal Folk The Booze Bros - Woodman Sunday Folk on Location at the bar BICA - offstage
Jacqui McGinn Bryn, Anne & Maggie Judith & Ken
Ruth Modelling
Her New Dress
Hello, .. yes I'm at the Woodman ... ......
I'll call you back..
Have you heard the one about ..... Ken & Judy