Profiles of Local Artists & Bands

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21 Oct 2017

This page contains profiles (hosted page or web-link) of artists and bands who have played at the Woodman. 
If you would like  to be included on this page, please have a word with Bryn Phillips at the club.

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Paul Bedingfield

Page - Keith Judson Site -


Page - Pete Kelly - MySpace
Sunjay Brayne Site - John Langford - YouTube
Chase Mist - MySpace

Nothing to Prove

Page -

Crag Band

Site -

Bryn Phillips

Site MySpace
evanStevens Site -

Tony Portlock

Site -

Nick Evans

Site -

Sue Stevens

Page -

Mick Harrington

Page - Velvet Green Page -

Malcolm Jeffrey

Site -

John Wormald

Page -