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The Black Feathers

Chris Irving 29 November 2019

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A great night to be at the club... a full house... each person generating 60 watts of heat, ensured a cosy atmosphere inside... whilst outside the cold clammy winter frost and fog... did what cold clammy frost and fog does best. Well whatever it was doing, we were all snug inside. The evening was opened with Young John Hoare and Carol, followed by Dick Woodhouse. Those of you who are interested in stage management will have observed that the microphone was adjusted to Dick Height (more about microphones shortly).

THEN ! It was the turn of The Black Feathers, Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler, Life Partners, our main act. They have a wonderful ability to make friends with the audience straight away. Almost as if we'd been pals for years! I've heard that their music is described as Americana.... but to me it was two voices blending very harmoniously together with some wonderful guitar accompniament and original song writing. Throughout the evening we heard stories of their adventures on tour in America and across Europe receiving terrific reveiws everywhere they play. Stories about Nashville and California..............and shopping for guitars ! A memorable and spirited version of ….”Spirit in the Sky” with an “Adams Family” flourish at the end, which had everyone joining in. Overall you can say it was a entertaining and “fun” evening,... the best kind of evening. I'm sure we are all looking forward to when The Black Feathers are invited back.

A note about the unusual microphone The Black Feathers used. It's made by a company from Portland U.S.A. Called Ear Trumpet Labs. It's one of a range of mikes designed and hand made for their accurate and natural sound. This model is called Myrtle and others in the range have names like..Edna, Edwina, Mabel, Evelyn and so on.

Chris Irving (Stunt Bryn)