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Clive Carroll with Airavata Carroll

12 March 2010

Bryn Phillips

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Several weeks earlier Ian warned us to get our tickets early as it was going to be full; and of course it was. Clive Carroll is a big draw nowadays. He's been to the club on numerous occasions and always dazzles us with his incredible guitar picking which ranges from classical through jazz and blues to country. Tonight started off with a joke. Clive isn't a stand-up comic, but he knows how to win over an audience, and this joke, ending with the awful punch line "there's no business like show business", did the job admirably. And then straight into the music. As always, amazing. It was turning out to be a typical Clive Carroll evening - "Do you want a slow blues or something more up tempo?. OK I'll do both"; "Did I tell you about the worst country music titles? - I've got more" and so on. And then, with no warning he invited his sister Airavata onto the stage. 

Airavata has a very powerful country/blues voice and an accomplished guitarist. She performed a couple of numbers with Clive and I thought that was probably it - a short showcase. However, instead of that, she stayed on stage for most of the evening and the act morphed from Clive Carroll to Clive and Airavata Carroll. What a bonus! I was completely knocked out by the Ruscoe Holcome number "Rock the Cradle" which ended the first half. There was a lot more to come in the second half which contained a memorable rendition of duelling banjos, in which Clive played banjo and Airavata played guitar. Clive usually performs this on his own, which has always struck me as very clever, but I really enjoyed the brother-sister interplay that came though in this one. I particularly liked their version of "Walkin' the Dog" which started off with an ear-splitting whistle which Airavata delivered straight into the mic. Fortunately the mic survived and the evening continued to give us all a performance which will stay with us for a long time.

As usual there was excellent support which tonight was provided by Ian and Derry, Keith Judson and Busby.