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Craig Sunderland

Craig Sunderland

Chris Irving 3 June 2022

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What a smashing night, with MC Bryn Phillips presiding over the announcments; not only a terrific performance from our guest for the night, Craig Sunderland... but a knock-out support spot from the recently re-formed and revitalised group … NTP3... formerly “Nothing to Prove ! The line up includes, Debbie Jones, percussion and vocals, vocalist, playing guitar and bass (but not at the same time) Derry Jones; and Busby Burrows lead guitar, vocals and ornithologist. A great start, then ,whipping the audience into a frenzy with their rocking version of that popular Welsh Folk Anthem... “Delilah” and culminating in a breath taking finale of Dougie McLean's “Turning Away” leaving the audience awestruck !

Onto our Main Guest for the evening then, Craig Sunderland. What a charming fellow ! Craig has appeared previously on a couple of Singers Nights, giving us a taster of what was in store for us on a Concert Night. And we were not to be dissapointed ! With a distictive style of playing and his own original take on songs, he makes them very much his own.

His first set of contempory folk songs included the songs of Nic Jones, Jez Lowe, John Connoly and Maddy Prior, songs which we were familiar with and had us joining in and singing along to.

The second set included more traditional songs but again popularised by singers we were familiar with, Pete Bellamy, Nic Jones and so on. Some real treats too.. When a Knight Won his Spurs by Jan Struther, which a lot of us knew from school assembly. A song “Bamburgh Castle”, written by Craig and his Dad. “The Leaving of Nancy” by Eric Bogle. An absolutely belting version of “On a British Man 'o' War”.... again Craigs own version and mark, on this song.

Craig, not only being a very good singer and guitarist has the ability to connect warmly with the audience, keeping them engaged with his annecdotes. I think that Craig rightly will soon become quite popular on the Folk and Festival Circuit and I'm sure we would all like to see him back at the club before too long !!!