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Eddy Morton


Derry Jones 12 January 2024

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(Review taken from Derry's Facebook Post)

Oh what a night! I said his talent was hewn out of solid genius and he did not disappoint. The man has a seam of pure musical gold running right through him from head to toe. Beautifully crafted songs derived from a wealth of life experiences, perfectly arranged melodious instrumentation, masterfully played on either guitar or keyboard, and a soulful, passionate vocal style solicitously matured from the rock idiom. Years of energy, drive and commitment to the music scene has created Eddy Morton, one of this country’s finest singer songwriters.

Who could hold a candle to Eddy? Well, our much-loved Woodmanite Dick Woodhouse, that’s who. Dick provided us with a brilliantly varied and hugely entertaining set. Everyone joined in with this tall, talented troubadour. Well done, Dick!

Chris Irvine, AKA MC Chris, guided us skilfully through the timings and the rhyming’s, calling upon years of pent-up hilarious madness. Keep taking the pills mate.