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Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny

Les Jones 18 May 2018

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Before this evening’s performance I was approached by another club member who volunteered to write tonight’s review for me. I was surprised as volunteering is not normally his thing. Curious, I asked why he would want to do this. I’ve seen him before he said so I already know what I would write. “Just Brilliant”. I had to decline claiming he was not impartial and writing the review for me is a matter of honour. Mind you, having now seen Enda myself I should have let him do it. He was right.

It was Enda’s first visit to the club which is not surprising since although he is Eire born and bred he has lived in Australia for several years and the bus service is not what it was. His music is a blend of Irish traditional with a tinge of Australian. His lyrics are poetic, thought provoking and witty. Each song telling its own story more often than not about Australia not Ireland. All this is knitted together by funny stories and the occasional joke.

In the first half he gave us amongst others:
• Language of the Land
• The Southern Cross is Calling Me
• Jodie
• Escape from Ikea
• Heart Tattoo
• The Smell of Rain
• Devil’s Island

The second half he gave us:
• Streets of Joyce
• The Cheesecake Song
• Nariel Creek
• Can You Catch Me a Cloud?
• Mary Christina
• From Prague
• Christmas Hills

Once again there were others which included a encore.
• Colours of Australia

Enda was supported by club regulars:
• John Hoare – in tribute to the Royal Wedding due the following day Ralph McTell’s, Nana’s Song – written for his wife. Leaving Home accompanied on the melodeon by Chris Page. First time I have heard Chris play. I am looking for more in the future.
• Velvet Green – began with the Chris While – Julie Matthews song Even the Desert Bears a Seed followed by Paul’s lovely song Before Your Heart Breaks.
• Bryn Phillips – was of course MC for the evening as well as entertaining us after the break with his songs Running to And from and Sat Nav Sally.

It was a lovely evening during which we were all pleased and amused by Edna Kenny who I hope returns to us when next in the country.

It only behoves me to say:

A Wonderful Night Was Had by All.
Here’s to The Next One.