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Granny's Attic

Chris page 23 March 2018

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The evening got off to a good start with Sue and Paul, aka Velvet Green who sang The Swan Song followed by Bella in the Wytch Elm, sad but lovely stuff. Then came Dick Woodhouse aka Dick Woodhouse or it could be Jake Thackery the 2nd. He treated us to The Lodger followed by On Again On Again a favorite of mine. Then......

They came, they performed, they conquered. Well, that's my opinion and it's my review. From the atmosphere in the room It would be a sure bet that that's the opinion of many others there.

Over the last few years I have seen this band several times, in fact they were still all at University when I first saw them, they were fresh faced young men with real drive, since that time they have continued with that same momentum to create a band full of endless energy, wonderful clear harmonies, great songs together with first class musicianship from Lewis on fiddle, now sporting a beard, George on guitar with his dance moves, Cohen on concertina and melodeon and a voice that authentically sounds direct from the 1800's, he has also been nominated for this years BBC 2 Folk Horizon Award (he has my vote).

Right from the start the band treated us to a wonderful performance with songs such as, Poor Old Man, Highwayman, Captain Cries All Hands, Death Of Nelson, then several instrumentals to include ...After The Flood, Royal Oak etc. many other songs such as Country Hiring, Away To The South'ard, the long titled...What I Saw In My Dreams As I Slept In My Chair, and many many more.

At one time this band could have been seen as being shy but that is the past, as now there is good humored banter with the audience that continued throughout the evening making for a wonderful fun evening out, I think it would be fair to say that Granny's Attic enjoyed it too