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Harvey Andrews
Pete Brown 18 June 2004
The Woodman was packed, almost standing room only. From Harvey not only do you get wonderfully expressive songs, you get a political commentary as well. I felt he should be standing at the next election. The point is he is in touch with the people the link that most of our politicians seem to have lost. This is what folk singing is all about being close to the people and making political comment in song. Harvey left us in no doubt that he was completely disillusioned with the current crop of politicians of all parties. We heard particularly about standards and values in the NHS. It was all embodied in that poignant song You Knew We Were Coming about the Baby Boomers of the '50s and '60s not getting what they were promised by successive governments for the last 40 years. Harvey knows because he has seen it all and sung about it since the early days in Digbeth at the
Jug o' Punch in 1964. Driving In The Middle Lane is another song so true. We've all met the middle lane driver who effectively reduces a three-lane motorway to one lane. Margarita, Anon etc. all added to the magic. It was a truly outstanding night the audience would have kept him there for much longer had not Ian called a halt after the resounding encore.

Harvey has a rare ability to write songs which are not only enjoyable musically, but also contain brilliant lyrics. Read the lyric sheet, you'll realise what a great writing gift he has.
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