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Hickman & Quinn

Terry Bonham 17 September 2010

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The night started off as normal with excellent performances from the floor by Ian, Dick, Bryn, Barry and finally, Velvet Green who treated us to a couple of songs including a track from their latest album!! I canít remember what it was as I was eating my scratchings at the time.

Then we were introduced to the two lads who would take us through the rest of the evening James Hickman and Chris Quinn, apparently in a past life they were known as The Badgers but have now changed to the much more imaginative name of Hickman & Quinn I wonder where they got that from? Two pairs of blue jeans two black tee shirts one razor between the two of them and a pair of Martinís and off we went into the first set, an excellent mixture of Blue Grass, Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli (I loved their interpretation of Minor Swing) Dylan and many more, every tune was spell binding. When either of them was playing lead, they seemed to go into a trance like state gazing into the far distance for inspiration and it obviously worked because their guitar playing was top draw. 

After the normal break for refreshment, selling CDís and the raffle we were thankfully into the second set. Another fantastic session with the same mix of styles, half way through this set Chris stepped off the stage to adjust the small amp in front of him, he then declared thatís better my monitor was to loud, this golden opportunity was not to be missed by Paul who immediately responded with ďthat will teach you to take your pet lizard out with youĒ. Come on Bryn get that onto the Q&H page. Back to the fantastic music which was played in their own inimitable style, one excellent tune after another culminating in my personal favourite Sweet Georgia Brown, which they took to a new level. Thanks lads a fantastic night and I canít wait for the return visit.