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Chris Page 10 October 2014

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What a great shame for those who missed our night with "Jaywalkers". Members and visitors alike were thin on the ground for various reasons. However, whoever they are have missed a great night out with a young and very accomplished trio of musicians.

The night started off with our own Velvet Green followed closely behind by "Dick", famous for his Jake Thackeray renditions. Then the stars of the night, JAYWALKERS, whom I feel as musicians are excellent and a very together trio, they treated us to various numbers mostly Bluegrass based tunes and songs such as Wayfaring Stranger, Shady Grove, with tunes such as Brilliancy, Mountain Chicken then others like the wonderfully played Dark Eyes. All three players are as previously said, accomplished musicians, be it the wonderful Mandolin playing of Mike, the beautiful powerful voice and Fiddle playing of Jay or the strong slap Bass playing of Lucy that holds everything together.

All three entertained us in a laid back but confident manner, a night I would guess enjoyed by all.