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Jez Lowe

7 May 2010

Bob Kemp

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The true English Folk icon in stripy T shirt, Jez Lowe once again graced the boards of the Woodman last night. Performing to an audience with many bedecked in striped upper clothing too, he sung songs both old and new that reflect his passionate interest in the industrial North-east.

Kicking off with his well known “Will of the people”, so warming up the Woodman throats nicely, Jez provided some beautifully crafted material some of which dealt with the Coal industry ( Small Coal song, Gull’s eye, The last of the Widows and Judas Bus) and others the Ship industry (Taking on men, Bergen) He mentioned his continuing association with the “ Radio ballads” on BBC Radio; the most recent project dealing with the Coal industry and miners strike. Even Charles Darwin entered the set (“We’ll hunt him down”), a diversion from Jes’s normal subjects but as a result of his collaboration with the “Darwin Project” at Shrewsbury. His fabulous guitar playing and splendid voice captivated all present. The true professional, Jez even finished his encore with a new song amusingly entitled “ The ex-pitmen’s, pot-holing club, pub quiz team”.

Mention must also be made to the club’s regular iconic stalwarts who opened the evening.
Keith Judson provided us with a couple of his own very well written songs which, as always, were played exquisitely and sung with real precision. Keith was followed by Bryn Phillips whose blues interest was superbly translated into a wonderful rendition of “Red Rooster”. Lots of whoops and howls from the audience together with a liberal sprinkling of chicken impressions demonstrated just how well the Woodman involves itself with its singers. And finally, Nothing to Prove did three excellent numbers interspersed with Hung Parliament jokes.
A good night was had by all.