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The Jigantics

Woody* 4 October 2019

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Hi, Woody, here again. I really am sorry if you weren’t able to be with us tonight you missed a tremendous evening. Although Jigantics have visited the club before – this is their fourth – it is the first time I have seen them. They seem to change their line-up periodically and this time it was a foursome with Lyndon Webb and Rick Edwards having departed. This left Mark Cole – multi instrumentalist extraordinaire – melodeon; blues harp; mandolin; electric guitar and vocals, Martin Fitzgibbon – drums (yeah, a full kit of real ones), Keith Thompson – Acoustic guitar and slide; plus a grand array of effects pedals; vocals and Sarah Kelly - fantastic collection of ukuleles including a hand made Dobro style uke; vocals and bass uke. It was great to see them all.

Their repertoire was varied; from Cajun to folk-rock and I think a little blues as well. Their choice of songs from their own imagination to those of other established songwriters. Everything was performed superbly and held together by a lovely sense of humour and a sense that they all enjoyed being together. The Woodman audience rarely shy when it comes to singing along were in good voice especially as they were encouraged to do it by Mark.

Loudon Wainwright’s Swimming Song kicked us off followed by Keith’s All Rise Up and a beautiful rendition of Richard Shindell’s Reunion Hill by Sarah. Sarah also provided Clipping My Wings which is just a little tearful. As sometimes happens I forgot to ask for the play list and have therefore no titles for some of the songs, but I think The Rain came Down is right and perhaps Let’s All Go Down To The River and Hold On – one of their great chorus songs. The second half kicked off with Sarah and Keith performing another tearful version of Ralph McTell’s Peppers and Tomatoes, found by Sarah as did I from the wonderful version by another club favourite Bob Fox. “It will not happen here”. This was followed by; Man of Constant Sorrow; Gone Away by John Hiatt; Dougie McClean’s Ready For The Storm sung by Martin; Sorry was absolutely soulful but for me the highpoint was Martin’s playing on an African drum either and Ibo or an Ebo, which had until that point been posing as a flower vase replete with flowers. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart had Keith giving us a flamenco guitar start before sliding into Zydeco. Hole In The Head and a song about retirement signalled the end of the evening. Well it would have had it not been for the much sought after encore Will The Circle Be Unbroken which once again saw the audience singing for all they were worth.

Our wonderful support artists tonight were Velvet Green and Baz and Coz though not in that order and “Your MC for the evening and a wonderful songwriter in his own right” Bryn Phillips.

So, here’s me, Woody, signing off for this time. And as usual;

A wonderful night was had by all, here’s to the next one.


* Notes taken by Les Jones, who also typed up the review, but the views expressed are 
  those of Woody, the club mascot.