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John Richards Band

Derry Jones 19 January 2024

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(Review taken from Derry's Facebook Post)

Once again we were visited by one of this countryís best songwriters. John Richards and his superb band, were on top-form and just completely nailed it! What a fantastic night. The musicianship was, as always first class, the lead and harmony vocals were lovingly honed to perfection and Johnís original written material was arranged, produced and delivered in a polished, well-rehearsed, dynamic performance, fit for the largest of stages. We were also treated to numerous, hilarious stories about Johnís unfortunate escapades, made even funnier by the fact that we all knew that they were all absolutely true.

John, Em, Julia, and JimÖ. Fantastic!

Who was brave enough, who was good enough to lead us into what was the best night ever? Velvet Green, thatís who. Like John, Paul Mathews writes some cracking original songs and with Sue Mathews and her perfect-pitch voice accompanying Paulís laid-back finger-style guitar, it just canít go wrong. Not only did it not go wrong, it was truly great entertainment. A well thought out set, built for joining in, and we did!
Remember the name; Velvet Green, theyíre great!

MC Chris Irving, did a superb job too. Skilfully and expertly navigating us all through the many waves of fun and excitement. ChrisÖYouíre never right mate and we love you for it!!