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Kevin Dempsey

Woody* 15 November 2019

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Hi Woody, here again with the latest review. Well to be perfectly honest it’s not the latest review, I’m actually two behind. The reviews for the two weeks following this evening have already been written. Just by way of explanation I fell of the wall having celebrated the great evening too much and broke my pencil. You’ll be pleased or not to know and am fully recovered. My thanks to Bryn Phillips and Chris Irving for stepping in. So, on with the review.

Most weeks I have a quick word with our guest before the start to tell them what I’m going to do and to ask for a copy of their set list, so I have some idea of the songs they are going to sing. To be fair half the time they sing something completely different or out of order. Kevin being the chap he is, said that he didn’t use a set list but always explained his songs and gave the title – and true to his word he did. I have never written so many notes in my life.

Kevin began his career as a drummer but changed to guitar – and I am glad he did. Since 1972 he has played in numerous bands and other combinations, including such folk luminaries such as Peter Knight, Mary Black, Dave Swarbrick, and is currently dueting with Jacqui McShee.

Kevin struck up a rapport with the audience and shared a story about each track, serious or witty. Over the course of two sets we were treated to some virtuoso guitar work to back his singing. Traditional songs such as Wicked Polly, I Know My Love – which he “borrowed” from Lorna Campbell, The Wheels of The World, and Lord Franklin were mixed with more modern songs from; Kieron Goss, Just Around The Corner; Roger McGough, The True History of Resurrection Jack; Martyn Wyndham Read, Leaving In A Hurry Blues and Bob Dylan’s, Daddy You’ve Been On My Mind. All For You had a faux slap bass accompaniment. The encore was a melodic version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, different and beautiful.

Debbie has already mentioned on Facebook that she is intending to ask Kevin back at another time. What more can I add, except to say;

Once again, this is me, Woody, signing off for this time. And as usual;

A wonderful night was had by all, here’s to the next one.


* Notes taken by Les Jones, who also typed up the review, but the views expressed are 
  those of Woody, the club mascot.