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Woodman Folk Club - Reviews

Kirsty McGee and Brigid Kaelin

Kate Durden 16 March 2012

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Appearing at the Woodman as part of a tour stretching from Wales to Norfolk and Falmouth to Aberdeen. The duo was showcasing a lot of new material – later to appear on a CD in September. The two had very different styles Kirsty’s melodic guitar on the one hand and Brigid’s American influences on a variety of instruments on the other.

An excellent first half with touches of Gospel and Blue Grass led to a more upbeat and topical second half touching on subjects of waitressing, prostitution and church going. Highlights for me were Kentucky Waltz and Saw music by Brigid and Kirsty’s cynical prayer and the a-cappella finale. (Joke – what do you get if you cross the saw with a folk dance – answer – a jigsaw) 

All in all a really enjoyable evening especially as Kirsty engaged the audience by encouraging percussion participation.