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Becky Mills and Ruth Angell


Les Jones 26 October 2018

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This was a delightful, if eventful, evening in the company of a talented duo.

Becky had been to the club as a solo artist some 5 years ago. For Ruth it was the first time. She did however bring her father with her, which is not something that happens often. She was suffering from a sore throat which she hoped was not going to affect her singing. I didnít.

Each has had a full career in music to date and still work with other musicians from time to time. The duo itself is relatively new. Becky plays a beautiful Ibanez guitar which has to be seen to be believed, while Ruth plays violin and a more classical acoustic guitar. Their voices blend very well within the main Ruth providing the high harmony to Beckyís lower range. Their songs are mainly self-penned.

In the first half Becky gave us; Amy Sharpe, No Tears for My Fisherman and an upbeat song about her Great-grandmotherís wish to return home. Little Bird, inspired by her then 6-year-old son, The Birdman, about a man who,while she was having a coffee in a cafť on the Champs Elysees, appeared from an old chest fed the birds and then returned to the chest. I hope I have that right. The Castle on the Hill was accompanied by Becky on guitar played using an Ebow which gives it an ethereal quality. The pair harmonised well on Their Last Look at Home.

After the break the sound failed. Not to be deterred they carried on regardless playing some tunes for us while Derry scuttled about around them playing with the electrics. After five or ten minutes all was resolved and the evening continued with songs such as The North Wind Will, The Boathouse , with a lovely counter melody, a song about the Wheeldale Crossing, Mrs Lowtherís House, and a tale about witchcraft. The penultimate song was the Fairport Convention song Crazy Man Michael. They concluded with a nameless tune. There was of course an encore, entitled The Owl a song about clandestine love.

Support for the duo was provide by club residents, Velvet Green, Barry and Corrine and of course Bryn Phillips.

Needless to say:

A Wonderful Night Was Had by All.
Hereís to The Next One.