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Nick Dow

Nick Dow

Les Jones 27 March 2015

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Knowing that Nick Dow was due at the club this week the stalwarts and other older members got their heads together to decide “Had Nick ever played the club before?” By the start of the night nothing had been settled and it was left to Nick himself to settle the discussion. “Yes” he said but it had been at least 20 years ago. This was the point at which all concerned claimed that if it was that long ago then it was obvious that none of them was old enough to remember the occasion. Who am I to argue having only just left school myself.

Anyway having settled that the evening began and what a great evening it was. The fun kicked off with three songs from Nothing To Prove and a couple from Barry and Corinne – who it should be said are still looking for a collective name. Me I can’t see anything wrong with Barry and Corrine myself at least we will know who we are watching without too much extra thought.

Nick Dow himself is a self confessed traditional folk singer whose songs a proportioned 80:20 sad and not so sad, although his wife had implored him on the way here to try to brighten up the act a little. The evening was neatly split into two parts with seven songs in each and joined in the middle by Bryn Phillips who having sung two songs conducted the raffle in his usual professional manner. Both prizes ably selected by Pete at the Door were won by Kate. I was pleased for her but am still registering an appeal with the committee (must have been a fix surely).

Anyway. On with the music.

The Constant Lovers; Turtle Dove; I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every day; The Rambling Comber; Seeds of Love and Jack the Jolly Tar all traditional songs were beautifully song most being ably accompanied by Nick himself on guitar. One stand out song was however the music hall song Nobody Noticed Me which raised a fair few laughs.

The second half continued with another five traditional songs including Country Carrier; The Faithfull Horse and Bushes and Briars. Nick’s “last” song was a song he said came as close as it gets to a traditional American song Blue Mountain (not the ones in Kentucky – this one is in Utah and has no Ridges). But we were not going to let him go without one more. There followed a rousing version of the music hall song “I’m Henry the Eighth I Am” with audience accompaniment.

I have forgotten to mention that each song was joined together with one of many amusing stories about song or life in general. For those of us who are fans there was a poignant story about Nick’s long association with the inimitable Jake Thackray. Much missed by us all.

“A wonderful time was had by all” See you next time.