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Pete Coe

Robert Pwen 26 Nov 2010

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We were treated to some precise singing and entertainment by Pete Coe. I was amazed to learn that it had been ten years since we had last enjoyed to his music. Pete is an all round entertainer, multi instrumentalist and represents the backbone of the folk world. Perhaps this is why his latest CD is entitled “Backbone”. He delivered quite a few songs from it on Friday night, ‘The Recruiting Officer’, ‘Byker Hill’, ‘Poor Old Horse’, ‘Sheffield Apprentice’, ‘Sound of Hohner’, and an excellent version of ‘Fair Margaret and Sweet William’. 

I enjoyed both sets and it’s not surprising that he gets reviews like; “Pete Coe’s formidable contribution across four decades remains largely unsung. It’s a pernicious oversight, as this boldly forthright collection proves.” from Mojo; “Though familiar, each song is rejuvenated by Pete’s approach and he even allows himself a little rewriting and always to the song’s advantages. He treats songs and tunes as trusted friends and they return the compliment. Each Pete Coe release over four decades has been a rewarding discovery and, more importantly, a welcome place to return to many a time and often.” from Tykes News. 

To compliment Pete at the beginning of the evening we had Nothing to Prove, Dick Woodhouse and Bryn Phillips all ably compared by Ian.