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Red Moon Road

Les Jones 30 September 2016

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I cannot believe it has been nearly 18 months since we last saw Red Moon Road at the club but as soon as they began to sing it was like they had never left. The band consisting Daniel, Sheena and Daniel (although I might have the Daniels the wrong way around) honoured the club with the first gig of their latest European tour which continues through October into November.

Having read Chris Page’s review of their last visit I am almost left with nothing to say without repeating what he said. I shall therefore urge you to read his review and bid you goodnight.

No alright I’ll find something.

They are without doubt superb musicians whose performances have become even better since last time. There is a non-technical expression applied to live music – “Tight” - and it certainly applies to Red Moon Road. Both Daniels confess to being “recovering drummers” – with which I wish them well. Daniel Jordan is still finding it difficult to give up I think as he plays kick drum while singing and playing the guitar. This blends beautifully with the off beats played on the snare by Sheena Rattai and never a beat was missed all night. How do they do that? Sheena also plays a variety of percussion whilst singing both lead and backing vocals. This leaves everything else to be played by Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner as well as his contribution to the vocals. I counted mandolin, banjo, guitar and new to us this year a double necked lap steel guitar. For non-musicians I have taken the liberty of including a link for you to look up later. (

Their performance was held together by the most wonderful tales – true or not – to introduce each song; and each song seems to have a tale true or not. We learned about their grandparents and their various journeys to take them to Canada as well as their current lives. But beyond that they are without doubt three of the nicest people to ever grace our stage.

Their performance consisted “old” songs such as Private Love; Liesel Friedel; The Sailor Song and Why He Left the Ocean but the majority were from the new album “Sorrows and Glories” and included, Old Things; Sophie Blanchard 1778 – who was “L'aéronaute officielle de l'empire et de la restauration“– Daniel P-H said that not me. Planting Trees is the sequel to Liesel Friedl from the first album and describes the later life of Daniel J’s grandfather. Words of the Walls – oh what stories they would tell; Breathing Slow; and I’ll Bend but I Will Not Break from Sheena inspired by Tom “The Tenant from Hell” whose exploits will be famed throughout the length of the nation by the end of this tour. All the songs were self-penned by one or more of the band so it was a surprise when the encore and final number of the night was a superb rendering of the David Bowie classic Changes.

Musical support was provided by Velvet Green who gave us Solo and What a Day – the latter a Paul Matthews original which is in my opinion his best song to date. Dick Woodhouse sang two Jake Thackray songs and provided the band with some Jake cds for the journey – new fans for Jake who may just break Canada at last. Bryn Phillips sang All I Listen to Is the Blues and the Black Country song. He too has fans in the band who still know the chorus to Sat Nav Sally from the last time. Didn’t I tell you what lovely people they are. Good luck with the rest of the tour guys.

Once again – a wonderful night was had by all. Here’s to the next time.