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Risky Business

Les Jones 26 May 2017

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How can I begin to describe tonight? It was like The Beatles had decided to reform to do another tour. Well almost. The Riskies have not performed together since about 2006 and not at the club since 8 July 2005. We have of course enjoyed the company of all three of them since then in their various forms but just not together. What a superb evening it was.

A selection of old favourites and new songs; excellent musicianship from Dave and Ken – guitar mandolin and banjo. Guitars and banjo also made by Ken; crafted harmonies and of course Ruth’s beautiful voice overlaying it all. What more could we ask?

• Harbour in the Storm – Dave’s song from the 1995 album of the same name.
• City Girl – A new song from Liz Simcock
• Mystic Lipstick – An oldie from Jimmy McCarthy
• Vagabond Rules – Dave’s song which he wrote he claims when sitting in his office at work wishing he was elsewhere
• Wayfaring Stranger – a traditional American song which seemed to find its way to Ken’s fingers when looking for a song to play on his newly made banjo. “If its good enough for Ed Sheeran its good enough for me” Ed who?
• Emerald Green – another of Dave’s new songs
• Gain The Upper Hand – A Dave song re-learnt for the tour

In the second half, they continued with:
• Bright Blue Rose – another Jimmy McCarthy song
• Summer Fly – a old favourite which they claim age has forced them to slow down. I know how that feels
• Rosemary’s Garden – written by Dave to remember his mother’s garden which she crafted from the Zimbabwean land and survived for some years after she left despite the efforts of the natural plant life.
• Bare Necessities – Need I say more. The encore for Ken and Ruth when they sing as a duo promoted to the main set.
• Shady Grove – another traditional tune played by Ken on the banjo.
• Talk to me of Mendocino – The beautiful song by Kate McGarrigle ended the evening or it would have done were it not for
• To Face It All – a beautiful song from Dave which I have known for years without realising it was his.

Support for the evening was provided by Velvet Green – Fool Too Long and the Nic Jones song Ruins by the Shore. Dick Woodhouse – The Cactus and Fair Maid Walking In Her Garden a traditional song he “borrowed from Robin and Barry Dransfield. Bryn Phillips – Running to and From plus the very appropriate General Election Dance.

It was great to see The Riskies back at the club because A Wonderful Time Was Had By All.