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Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

Chris Page 23 September 2016

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To be quite candid about this weeks act, Mick Ryan and Paul Downes, I had watched them on "Youtube" and thought they're not for me. However, as I had agreed to do this week's review it left little choice but to watch them and boy am I glad I did. I can now confirm that watching "YouTube" doesn't always do acts true justice, certainly not in Mick and Paul's case anyhow.

The evening got off to a great start with our very own residential band "Nothing To Prove" they treated to a couple of songs to include Paul's newly penned song, "Just What You Have Done", which went down very well; I think it may just become a favourite. Next came Corinne and Barry who were very much on form and played and sang two very beautiful numbers.

Now back to Mick and Paul, these guys provided a full night of real good entertainment with wonderful self-penned songs, great voices and playing with a wicked sense of humour. They informed us that their individual journeys to the club due to weight of traffic had been horrendous both having driven for some 5 hours each, nevertheless none of this hampered their stage performance. Some of the wonderful songs we were treated to are, The January Man, Road to Dorchester, The Bells Rang, The Midshipman's Boast, The Passing Hour, Thankful Village etc.

Our own singer songwriter Bryn Phillips took up the mid evening spot treating us to a couple of his own and well known wonderful songs, The Angels' Share and Tomorrow The Sorrow Begins.

Mick and Paul continued the evening with further songs including The Lazy Man, Love is Life, Limbo, Summer is Coming Again, Paupers' Path, Oh Swine.

There is little doubt that all club members and visitors alike had a good and fun evening so for you who missed Mick Ryan and Paul Downes try and make sure you catch them next time, you'll be happy you did.