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The Tony Burt Band

Chris Page 21 November 2014

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Well, there you go, with the blink of your eye another Friday at The Woodman Folk Club, Ashwood Marina has been and gone.

This week Deb and Derry had booked "The Tony Burt Band". The night got off the ground with our club compere Bryn Phillips introducing two regular club acts starting with Dick then Velvet Green. One of Dick's songs that went down well was "London Danny", this was followed by what Bryn calls the "Woodman's Stalwartly Duo... Velvet Green".

Then onto "The Tony Burt band" with Tony on Guitar, Allyson Craigan on Fiddle and John Davis on Bass. Things got off with what my wife, Megan calls "thoughtful songs", followed by songs such as,...Silence of the Breeze, my personal favorite, then onto songs such as, Turning my blind eye on you, Ship, Limerick gipsy, then the interestingly strange but true story behind the song of Freddy Spencer Chapman, all mixed in with a couple of instrumentals such as Stepping out Mary.....a good little band.

We also had songs from our compere, singer/songwriter Bryn, who I am sorry to say I failed to mention on my previous club review, therefore a big hand for Bryn who not only works relentlessly each week introducing the acts but also brings to us some wonderful home penned songs such as Chico and the story of Valentine Grey.

There it is, another good night enjoyed by all.