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Will Morgan

Pete Brown 13 February 2009

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“’Cause I buried her face downward, she’s a long way to go!” These classic lines from Jake Thackray’s, Jolly Captain were just one of the wonderful and hilarious moments from Will Morgan as he embraced us with his songs and anecdotes on Friday night. But this was in the second half, even before he started we were treated to some sad and challenging songs from Bryn Phillips (no surprise there then!). New to us, but very welcome, Julia and Tim (ladies first) we’ve seen them individually before, but this was a new dimension. The Morecombe Bay song written by Julia was superb. Barry and Corinne gave us their usual polished performance and Nothing to Prove lived up to their name after the interval.

To return to the Jolly Captain, the lines in the last verse that set up the punch line are; 

“Alas, jolly captain, you're married too soon.
She'll come to torment you from underneath her tombstone.
She'll scratch and she'll claw her way up from the grave”

but, well you now know the rest.

Will started his evening with the Cosmotheka monologue on marriage, closely followed by the Dave Gibb song, Privateer a thought-provoking song about slavery and how it helped make the trading companies in London rich. His introductions are a solid part of his act, and provide good background or just make you laugh. Although I lost count we had at least seventeen songs from Will. Particularly loved was the Egyptian song (I’m not certain of the title), “crept into the Pharaoh’s Crypt and cried”, the words make you laugh but Will does a special dance on stage that can’t be described but must be seen! Finally, the encore song, a famous Jake Thackray song, as were all the songs in the second half, about the tongue on a woman, On again, on again, brought a wonderful night to an untimely end. Come back soon Will.