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Will Morgan & Ian Dempsey-Robbins

Derry Jones 26 January 2024

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(Review taken from Derry's Facebook Post)

Following on with the trend of really special performances at The Woodman Folk Club, Will Morgan and Ian Dempsey-Robbins, did an outstanding job! Will Morgan burst onto the Woodman FC stage surrounded by an incandescent aura of mega-musical mirth and merriment. If it wasn’t for the bountiful brilliant bass of Ian Dempsey-Robbins, using all of his skill and experience to anchor his highly expressive cohort to the beat, we would have had a major harmonic incident declared! The entertainment factor was so powerful, it could fuel a smile for a month and that is saying something in today’s political climate

Well done lads and thank you. The evening’s hilarity started much earlier however, with the amazing antipodean antics of one of our favourite duo’s, Lintel. Lintel consists of John and Carol Hoare, but on Friday it was there alter egos Bruce and Sheila that took to the boards to entertain us for the evening. Cork hat and dubious accents were the start of it all. Bruce and Sheila, sorry, John and Carol were so good. The patter was hysterical and the songs were chosen and performed to perfection. A very special guest adorned the stage in the delightful form of Deb Jones, who’s singing on the Two Coats Colder song, Six Thousand Miles was sublime. It was a very special set which added to a very special night. All this was of course to celebrate Australia Day and we did in some style!