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Winter Wilson

Les Jones 11 November 2016

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Kip Winter and Dave Wilson were last at the club in June last year. I had forgotten how good they were. Both multi-instrumentalists: Dave plays a beautiful Martin guitar and a banjo (But he can’t be blamed for that) and Kip plays flute, accordion and Dave’s guitar when he is on the banjo. As an aside we have found that Kip is also a multi-linguist. From their last visit, we know she speaks Dutch. This time we also had some German – of more later – and we were treated to a short verse of a song in Italian. What is even more surprising is that as a native Scot her English is very good as well.

The review of the last visit says that Kip was suffering from hay fever which affected her voice. There was no such problem this time, consequently we were treated to some beautiful vocals from both. I must make special mention however of Kip’s wonderful performance of two blues songs, one by Dave and the other by Bonnie Raitt. They were so powerfully sung and with feeling. Kip said she was in love with Bonnie Raitt. What a way to pay tribute to someone you like so much.

I cannot remember whether I have already said what a delightful couple they are, so I’ll say it here. Married both on and off stage they make use of that fact to trade banter about each other, Dave getting the worst of the deal most times, which makes wonderful between songs chat. Kip does a nice line in one/two line jokes mainly about musicians – along the lines of – definition of perfect pitch: throwing an accordion into a skip without touching the sides and landing on a banjo. You can use that one Kip if you are not doing so already.

They kicked off the first set with Weary Traveller from the new cd Ashes and Dust, as was the next Is It True His Eyes Were Like Mine. Metagame (Look at me Now) followed and then I Wish I Could Turn Back Time from the cd These Are the Things. I have already mentioned in passing Kip’s amazing rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s The Road Is My Middle Name. The set finished with the poignant 2 Million Soldiers.

Most of the songs they sing are written by Dave who has lovely way with words setting them to delightful tunes and played by him mainly on guitar. All blend together so well.

The title song from the new cd opened the second half – written about the author Jack London from a quote he made about his acceptance of his life style. Merciful Father was also from the same cd and was followed by Been a Long Day. It is not often that someone presents a song that is unique but I think we can afford this honour to Doreen and Joe. The only song I know that takes as its subject “Ein Schwangerschaftstest “. No I didn’t know either – A Pregnancy Test. Having used the german as a source of amusement to introduce the song they gave use one of the tenderest moments throughout the set about a subject that must be a source of anguish to many couples. Beautiful. Oh and for those who were there Dave’s other german word was „Schmetterling“. Don’t ever say you don’t learn anything from a Woodman Nightout.

Then it was back to the blues – Dave’s I’m Gonna Find Myself a Lover“ absolutely belted out by Kip. There’s Still Life in the Old Dog Yet finished the second set.

The evening ended with a well-deserved encore – Common Form. Written by Dave from a poem by Rudyard Kipling. It is not possible in
a few words to explain the true background to this so I suggest you look it up.

If any question why we died
Tell them, because our fathers lied

So, appropriate for the evening of Armistice Day.

But despite the sad ending:

A wonderful time was had by all.