Newsletter April 2006

13 May 2007

In our 36th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks,


What a fabulous night Clive Carroll gave us on Friday.  From previous visits we knew he was something special but on Friday night he was truly outstanding. I, for one, insisted upon counting his fingers because I was sure that he had at least twice the number that he should!  Clive loves coming to the club and was only too pleased to fit us into his very busy schedule between Paris on Wednesday and a gig in Italy on Saturday.


The entertainment continues on 31st March when Eddy Morton makes the short journey from Stourbridge. The following week, 7th April sees the return of  Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby, one of the most popular acts to appear at the club. We take a break the following week but return on

21st April with a Singers Night. The last Singers Night saw 19 different performers and the room full almost to bursting point. So, dont be shy, dig out the guitar, polish up the vocal chords and have a go. Oh yes! We also allow banjos!  The 28th April marks the welcome return of The Richard Heath Band. Sanity should be left at home for this event!


Did you know that our resident artists are in almost constant demand to play at other clubs and festivals throughout the year?  Its always comforting to see friendly faces at an away gig, so why don't you pop along and lend your support.


Thursday 30th March


The Olde White Rose,



 Free Admission

Friday 2nd June

Tarragon (Trevor & Lin)

The Garibaldi,



Free Admission

Sunday 25th June

Nothing To Prove.

Folk In The Park


Contact Trevor for details


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Best Regards,