Newsletter October 2007

26 Sep 2007

In our 37th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks

Our 37th year has got of to an outstanding start with the room full to appreciate not only the considerable talents of Anthony John Clarke but also for the local talent on display at our Singers Nights.

Over the next four weeks we have guests that couldn't be more varied. This week (28th September) we are pleased to welcome for the first time at the club the outstanding duo Roger Wilson & Karen Tweed.

The partnership of outstanding accordionist Karen and the powerful voice and accomplished musicianship of Roger is a combination that awe inspiring. Both are highly respected and sought after in their individual capacities but get them together and they are simply delightful. 

Karen is well known for her work with The Kathryn Tickell Band and The Poozies, Roger as a former member of The House Band, with whom he was fiddle player and singer for five years. Amongst others, Roger has also collaborated with Martin Carthy, Kate Rusby and John Tamms. 

This outstanding duo will dazzle and amaze you with an evening full of beautiful music, friendly banter and song. Make sure you don't miss out.

The following week (5th October) we renew or long standing friendship with Martyn Wyndham-Read

Martyn's crystal clear voice and sensitive interpretation of both English and Australian songs, has, quite rightly, established him in the highest echelons of artists for well over 3 decades.

One of the most engaging performers you're ever likely to see, his exceptionally intimate performance combines songs, humorous bush poetry recitations, stories and anecdotes of outback life and comments on Australian history and culture that typically leave the audience ready to book the next flight out to Sydney!

The 12th October we welcome back another of our favourites with the appearance of  John Richards and his band.  Wolverhampton's own John Richards seems to have been on the folk scene for eons but has the habit of coming back as fresh as ever with wonderful new songs.

From the early days of the splendidly named “ Ivor Smallpiece Band” through ” Morris and The Minors” and more recently “Desperate Men” Johns songs and powerful voice have woven fine tapestries. Without a doubt, John is one of the finest songwriters in the country and is recognised as such by fellow musicians who have recorded 

John’s list of credits is impressive. Fairport Convention, Show of Hands and Damien Barber have all recorded his songs and the popularity of his songs is witnessed by the frequency in which they are sung in the Folk Clubs around the country. 

To follow the JRB on 19th October we are to be royally entertained by The John Wormald Band. John is well known to us through his frequent appearances at Singers Nights. His singing and playing are strongly influenced by John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. Playing guitar, mandolin and, no doubt, a pot pourri of self made instruments, John brings the influences of Ryland P Cooder and Robert Johnson to his repertoire. 

Thank you all very much for your support, it is appreciated and we look forward to seeing you soon.