Newsletter January 2008

24 Jan 2008

In our 38th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks

2008 certainly got off to a great start with the fabulous Stool Pigeon followed by a truly great Singers Night last Friday. The quality of the Singers Night seems to be getting better and better and it is no exaggeration to say that the talent on show at some of the evenings would grace many a club and festival.

This coming Friday, 25th January, we bid a very warm welcome back to the many talents of SALLY BARKER. Leicestershire born Sally has long been an admirer of Joni Mitchell and tonight she is appearing as THE JONI MITCHELL PROJECT, thus fulfilling a long-held ambition to present Joni’s songs as close to their original form whilst, at the same time breathing fresh life into cherished songs. This is sure to be a very special night indeed.

Another SINGERS NIGHT on Friday 1st February paves the way to the very first appearance at the club of STRANGEWORLD.

Although possibly a new name to you, I’m sure that many of you will fondly remember the fabulous band SHAVE THE MONKEY. Brainchild of former Shave the Monkey” member, Bryan Causton, STRANGEWORLD brings together four talented musicians with a unique combination of instruments and styles to produce a really great sound. This is a night we have really been looking forward to with great anticipation and I’m sure that we will not be disappointed. 

The 15th February sees the last SINGERS NIGHT for a while as we swing into a run of top line guests.

There is a Stourbridge Special” on 22nd February when we say hello to old friends EDDY MORTON, SPLATT and BEN SMITH who will give us an exciting mix of upbeat songs and thoughtful ballads. 

The 29th February will see PETE MORTON finding his way to the club. Pete has been delighting folk club audiences for some years with a wealth great songs and his infectious stage presence. His show is dynamic and intense as well as approachable and fun loving. He seriously believes there are 'Six billion eccentrics' in the world and that particular song is fast becoming a signature tune for people everywhere. 

And still the quality continues with the appearance on 7th March of guitar genius CLIVE CARROLL.

Clive first came to The Woodman back in 2001 on a recommendation from Tom McConville and we have done everything possible to ensure that he has returned every year since. The word genius is not wasted on Clive and we at The Woodman are very proud indeed that he is prepared to come back each year to entertain us so regally. With any luck he may also burst into song again!

There is little doubt that this may well be a very busy night. Enquiries about tickets started back in November when we first revealed he was coming back. Make sure that you avoid disappointed by having a word with Ian. 

As ever, very thank you all for your continued support, without you there would be no club.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.