Newsletter January 2009

18 Jan 2009

In our 39th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks

I hope that you had a great Christmas and that you have a healthy and prosperous New Year,

The Christmas break was quite welcome after a fairly hectic end of the season culminating in the Christmas Party and Pantomime. I think all had a great time and the photographs on the web site are well worth a visit. I didn’t realise that Amy Winehouse had joined Fairfield! 

Our thanks go out to the guys of Fairfield for once again being our willing victims for the night and joining in with all the fun. Guys you are priceless!

So what have we got over the next month or so?

We reopen this Friday (9th January) with a Singers Night to give you a chance to air your new songs or play with your new toy. These nights are always very popular so come along and enjoy some of the best of local talent.

The following week, (16th January) we will be featuring FOLA.

FOLA is Andy & Kate. Over the last couple of years Fola have been playing across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and are fast becoming one of the most exciting, up and coming acoustic/folk groups emerging from the Midlands.

I first heard them at Bromsgrove Festival a couple of years back and they were mightily impressive. I promise you, you will not be disappointed

Moving on from the sublime to the surreal, on 23rd January we welcome to our midst the one and only DAVE LOVE. Raconteur, Mastermind contestant (twice), writer of songs, some silly some serious, organiser, general good egg and Wolves supporter (we’ll forgive one blemish on his otherwise impeccable character) Dave has been well known on the local club scene for many years.

Sanity returns on 30th January, when we welcome MICK BISIKER & AL ROMANOV.

Mick Bisiker and Al Romanov have been stalwarts of the Midlands folk scene and first received critical acclaim for the album ‘Bisiker & Romanov’ in 1989. This album won the Music Retailers Award for best folk album. They have been pursuing their own careers recently, so tonight will be a special evening to enjoy some outstanding music.

Briefly the program for the following month or so is as follows:-

6th February ALAN PROSSER (Oysterband)
13th February WILL MORGAN
20th February SINGERS NIGHT
6th March FULL HOUSE

Many thanks for your support and we will look forward to seeing you all soon.