Newsletter May 2009

24 May 2009

In our 39th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks

So where is all the warm weather we were promised. I was quite looking forward to recovering by sitting in the garden with a glass of wine; instead it’s still a sweater and a cup of steaming hot coffee!

But enough of this nonsense! This Friday, 22nd May, we can all warm to the talents of Nick Evans and Sue Stevens. You’ve seen them before, individually and collectively at our Singers Night so expect; delightful songs, great harmonies and skilful guitar work.

The following week, 29th May we host one of our legendary Singers Nights. It never fails to amaze me just how much local talent we have around and it does seem that The Woodman is the place where they want to display that talent. More and more people are turning up for these nights and long may it continue! 

The following week, 5th June we bid welcome to the lovely BECK SIAN.

This is Beck’s third visit to the Woodman and her two previous visits have firmly established her as a Woodman favourite. It is almost impossible to categorise Beck. She is ethereal, graceful and colourful. She interprets traditional songs with contemporary flair and emotion by the bucketful; she also has quite a wicked sense of fun and a joy of life that shines through her performances. 

Another Woodman favourite PETE MORTON is our guest on 12th June.

Pete has been delighting folk club audiences for some years with a wealth great songs and his infectious stage presence. His show is dynamic and intense as well as approachable and fun loving. He seriously believes there are 'Six billion eccentrics' in the world and that particular song is fast becoming a signature tune for people everywhere. There is always “Another Train” but there is only one Pete Morton!

Quality in abundance continues the following week 19th June when we say hello again to the one and only CLIVE CARROLL.

CLIVE CARROLL is, quite simply, the best guitarist in the country! 

Clive first came to The Woodman back in 2001 on a recommendation from Tom McConville and we have done everything possible to ensure that he has returned every year since. The word genius is not wasted on Clive and we at The Woodman are very proud indeed that he is prepared to come back each year to entertain us so regally. With any luck he may also burst into song again!

There is little doubt that this may well be a very busy night. We have already had enquiries about tickets so make sure that you avoid disappointed by having a word with Ian. 

The following week 26th June we welcome back TOM NAPPER & TOM BLISS.

“Two rich and powerful voices, a shop-full of instruments, and shared standards in stagecraft, equipment, arrangements, and, above all, musicianship. The evening was brimming with excellence, a worthy addition to the Woodman guest list.”

This is a worthy tribute from none other than Mr Mick Harrington and they are sentiments I fully endorse. Traditional songs mixed with their own well crafted material ensures an enjoyable nights entertainment.

On Friday 3rd July we have a SINGERS NIGHT where we can warm up our tonsils and tune our banjos (now there’s a novel concept!) for the following week when we are all off to the fabulous BROMSGROVE FOLK FESTIVAL on 10/11/12th July.

Needless to say, there will not be a club night on 10th July as we will all be at Bromsgrove!

Our season ends on 17th July when the floor is given over to our very own BICA BAND.

See You Soon