Newsletter September 2009

13 Sep 2009

In our 39th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks

Little did we think that when Mick Harrington and The Puritans stood at the front of an expectant throng in February 1971 and delighted us with “Pretty Peggy – O” (They got it wrong!) that we would be contemplating the 38th season of The Woodman. Before taking a look at the forthcoming season there is one event that we must acknowledge and applaud.

Each year at Shrewsbury Festival they run an open microphone competition for young artists. The competition is always tough and only the best make it through the heats to the final and only the very best wins the competition outright. Having done so the winning artist is asked to open the concert on the Small Stage on Sunday evening. 

We at the Woodman are pleased and proud to pay tribute to the wonderfully talented JULIA DISNEY who did us all proud by winning the event outright. Congratulations Julia, we were all well chuffed!

And so to the new season at The Woodman that opens this Friday 11th September with a Singers Night. As I’m sure you are all well aware, these nights are always popular so come along and play us a tune, sing us a song or just listen. If you have not been to one of these nights come along and see the very best of local talent. 

The following week, Friday 18th September we welcome STRANGEWORLD. 

Although possibly a new name to you, I’m sure that many of you will fondly remember the fabulous band SHAVE THE MONKEY. Brainchild of former Shave the Monkey” member, Bryan Causton, STRANGEWORLD brings together four talented musicians with a unique combination of instruments and styles to produce a really great sound. They gave us an absolutely great night when they were one of the last guests at the old Woodman and we have really been looking forward to this evening with great anticipation and I’m sure that we will not be disappointed. 

The entertainment continues the following week Friday 25th September with the ever - popular Cathrine Craig and Brian Willoughby

Cathrine and Brian have been annual visitors to The Woodman since 2001 and we never get tired of listening to them. Cathrine and Brian first met when Brian was recording a solo album in Nashville and the perfect blend of Cathrine’s voice and Brian’s guitar has ensured a constant outpouring of music that delights and entertains, oozing quality that can only come from supreme performances. Take this opportunity of enjoying two of the most personable performers currently on the folk scene. 

The following week, Friday 2nd October we say hello to our very good friends BILLY & LOZZ from The ‘Ommer and Chain Club in Dudley.

Billy and Lozz are quickly gaining a well - deserved reputation for Billy’s high quality writing and Lozz’s brilliant guitar work. Their reputation is rapidly spreading outside their native Black Country and it is surely just a matter of time before their immense talents will be displayed to a wider audience.

Translations will be available on request!

Quality entertainment continues at the Woodman with appearances by “Rag Mama Rag”, Malcolm Jeffries and the one and only Anthony John Clarke to anticipate before we even think about November, Christmas and the Pantomime!


We would take this opportunity to remind you that it is time to renew your membership. Membership costs just £5 and entitles you to a discount of £1 per week on your admission price. In addition to the reduction in the admission price it will also give you preference for tickets for high profile guests. On a more practical level your membership fee gives the club an early financial boost that helps us fund better artists for your enjoyment. 

Very many thanks for your support, without you there would be no Folk Club.

See you soon,