Newsletter February 2010

21 Feb 2010

In our 40th year and stronger than ever

Hi Folks

What a great four weeks we have had with scintillating performances from Vin Garbutt, Pete Kelly, The John Richards Band and the exquisite Grace Notes. Four very different artists and all four providing entertainment of the highest possible quality.

This Friday 19th February we host one of our famed SINGERS NIGHTS. The following week Friday 26th February we bid a welcome back to BLACKHEART.

Chrissy Mostyn and Richard Pilkington have a traditional sound, but with something new and fresh. 

In their first year they performed over 150 concerts with some of the most prestigious names in British and American music. Blackheart’s highly personal song writing is a diary of their lives. Their stripped back acoustic live shows are famous for being as entertaining as they are heart searching with audiences exposed to the true emotional stories behind the songs which offer everything from the deepest sadness to the most uplifting ultra-catchy music. They absolutely knocked us out last year and I know that quite a few people have been looking forward to this night for some time. 

The following week Friday 5th March we are trying something different with a RESIDENTS NIGHT. We at The Woodman have some of the best resident artists around, all of whom are prepared to provide a couple of songs at a moments notice. This Friday they will be given an extended spot to demonstrate their talents. Expect performances from BICA BAND, NOTHING TO PROVE, BRYN PHILLIPS, DICK WOODHOUSE and VELVET GREEN (Paul & Sue). There may be time for a small number of floor spots but the main purpose of the evening is to showcase our residents.

Friday 12th March sees the return of THE RICHARD HEATH BAND.

Richard was the mad - cap front man of The Gravelly Hillbillies. Richard has never been known to take himself too seriously and wherever Richard performs he always leaves people smiling, stamping their feet and calling for more. One thing is certain, absolutely no one knows what Richard will do next but you can be sure that it will not be dull. 

An entertaining night is firmly guaranteed

A SINGERS NIGHT on Friday 19th March paves the way for one of the highlights of the year. 

Friday 26th March we welcome back the guitar genius that is CLIVE CARROLL.

Forget all the hyperbole, the word genius is not wasted on Clive and we at The Woodman regard it as a privilege that he is prepared to come back each year to entertain us so regally. With any luck he may also burst into song again!

There is little doubt that this may well be a very busy night. We have already had enquiries about tickets so make sure that you avoid disappointed by having a word with Ian. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets at the club any Friday evening.

We take a break the following week but return on Friday 9th April with a Singers Night.

Once again, very many thanks for your support, without you there would be no Folk Club.

Look forward to seeing you soon,