Newsletter December 2010

02 Dec 2010

In our 40th year and stronger than ever


It’s that time of year again “………………….” Oh! Yes it is! Yes, Friday 17th December you can experience the Woodman pantomime. You will be wanting to know which pantomime, who will have the starring role and is it up to the usual standard! As usual the answer to all these questions is a closely guarded secret, in fact, so closely guarded that even the main ‘actors’ don’t know the answers. In accordance with tradition everyone is kept in the dark to achieve the maximum artistic effect. So, come along on the 17th to get the answers and enjoy a fun and frolics night out with food and entertainment by your favourite local artists.

But before that, tomorrow we have Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby. This exciting duo first teamed up in Nashville, Tennessee. They’ve been favourites at the club for many years... Cathryn's songs are steeped in the traditional music of the Appalachians and Brian, famed lead guitarist of Strawbs for 26 years. It’s always a full house, so get there early.

The following week the 10th is Singer’s night, which will showcase new talent and all the usual stalwarts and even icons that come to the club every week.

So that just leaves me to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.