Woodman T-Shirts On Their Travels


T-Shirt Challenge: If you are the proud owner of a Woodman T-Shirt, it would be really good if you could take it on your travels and send in a photo of your T-Shirt, worn either by yourself or some other celebrity from exotic places all around the world.

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2018: Gary & Gill Cruise 3:
Madeira - Funchal
Rob Brunt in Cyprus
2018: Rob Brunt takes his Woodman T-Shirt on holiday in Ayia Napa, Cyprus 2018: Jacquie Madge sporting a Woodman hoodie on MS Nordnorge just out of Molde, Norway 2018: Gary & Gill Cruise 1:
Gran Canaria - Maspaloma
2018: Gary & Gill Cruise 2:
Gran Canaria - Puerto Mogan
2017: A Woodman T-Shirt all at sea on the Belfast Ferry, proudly worn by Anthony John Clarke 2018: Gerard exuberantly displays his Woodman T-Shirt in Nessibar Bulgaria 2018: Driver and Fireman, Rob and Keith, at the zoo.  2018: A Woodman T-Shirt arrives in Sikkim, Northern India, courtesy of John and Gail Devries.
Gill at The Giant's Causeway
2017: At the end of their Icelandic cruise Gary and Gill stop off at The Giant's Causeway where Gary takes a photo of Gill 2017: Derry wearing his Woodman t-shirt whilst watching Alastair Anderson and Northlands perform at Warwick Folk Festival 2017: Gary's Woodman T-Shirt has a small break in the Isle of Wight. Here it is being worn by Gary in Shanklin 2017: Gill giving her T-Shirt a spot of culture at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
Gary - Geysir Iceland Gary and Gill and Thingvellir Gill at Vigur, Iceland Gary and Gill in Skye
.2017: Who's that geezer standing in front of a geyser in Geysir, Iceland? Why, it's Gary of course, wearing his Woodman Sweatshirt. 2017: Gary and Gill are wrapped up warm with their Woodman Sweatshirts in Thingvellir, Iceland 2017: Gill takes her Woodman Sweatshirt to Vigur Island in Iceland. Note the puffins in the background wondering where the Woodman Folk club is. 2017: Gary and Gill on The Isle of Skye, towards the end of their Icelandic Cruise, proudly wearing their much travelled Woodman Sweatshirts.
2016: Bob Kemp's friend, Steve, wearing a Woodman Hoodie whilst taking in the  view in the Andes in the Maule valley on the road to Argentina in central Chile 2017: Keith Judson wearing his Woodman Sweatshirt at The Mount John Observatory overlooking Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 2017: Bryn at Cheddar Gorge wearing his Woodman Sweatshirt next to a character from one of his songs 2017: A Woodman T-Shirt finally makes it to Glastonbury proudly worn by Megan's friend, Michelle.
2016: Gary & Gill in The Great Hall at Winchester 2016: Gary & Gill give their T-Shirts a nautical setting in Portsmouth 2016: Derry wearing his working Woodman Sweat Shirt as he stewards at Bromyard 2016: Too cold for a T-Shirt, so Gill Griffiths braves the elements at Elan Valley in her Woodman Hoodie.
Les Jones somewhere on the Kent coast
2015: Paul Matthews wearing his official Woodman T-Shirt  pointing out the sign for Saundersfoot for the benefit of passing motorists 2016: Sandgate - A Keen Woodman Folk Club Regular Scans the Kent Coast Ready to Sign Up New Members As They Come Ashore 2016: Woodman Tee Shirt sailing the Fjords (Artistic Composition - Les Jones) 2016: Norwegian (Wood) Man Tee shirt in Stavanger (Artistic Composition - Les Jones)
2016: Bryn and his Woodman Sweatshirt in the Pretty Ugly Plants section of the Harrogate Flower Show 2016: A chance to see the back of a Woodman sweatshirt as Keith Mansell waves off the ferry on the River Tyne. 2016: Bryn looking relaxed in Woodman sweatshirt and matching hat on a lovely sunny day in the Isles of Scilly 2016: Gerard certainly gets about in his T-shirt. This time he is in Croatia
Derry & Gerard
2016: Seeing double? Bryn's T-Shirt travels to Sydney, Australia, where it is worn by the Emily Twins 2016 Bryn's T-Shirt journeys on to New Zealand where it is worn by Sandra 2016 Keith Mansell braves a freezing and windy day on South Shields beach to model his Woodman sweatshirt 2015 Derry and Gerard wearing their Woodman T-shirts at s-Hertogenbosch
2014: Woody gets another seaside outing, this time to East Looe courtesy of Paul Matthews 2014: Keeping up the East Theme, Paul takes Woody to East Ayton 2014: ..... and on to West Ayton 2015: John Hoare relaxing in a Woodman T-Shirt as the sun sets at the  Akustito Beach Bar, at Playa de las Americas, Tenerife
2015: Gerard, Derry's Dutch friend stands outside an iconic shop in Liverpool .... 2015: ... Meanwhile a Woodman T-Shirt goes Dutch when Les takes his T-Shirt to Amsterdam 2015: Another cultural experience for  Woodman T-Shirts as Gary & Gill visit Basildon Park 2015: A Woodman T-Shirt makes it to New Zealand. Worn by Peter Ellis, looking out to sea, at Bluff South Island.
2015: The Woodman T-Shirt brings out Derry's heavy metal persona at Moira Furnace Folk Festival. 2015: Three Woodman T-Shirts all in the same photo at Moira Furnace Folk Festival. 2015: River Cottage HQ enters the Woodman T-Shirt Hall of Fame, thanks to Paul. 2015: Gary & Gill grace Littleton House in their Woodman T-Shirt attire
2015: Paul, proudly wearing his Woodman T-Shirt in Sheringham, Norfolk, UK. 2015: Bryn, shivering in his Woodman T-Shirt on the top of Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain. 2015: Les, somewhere where French is spoken. When stopped by the Border Force he was asked if he could prove he was a British resident. All he did was reveal his Woodman T-Shirt. 2015: Chris and Megan wearing their Woodman T-Shirt on a sunny day at Moira Furnace Folk Festival.