Newsletter - April 2011

29 Dec 2018

At last it seems spring is here and at the Woodman on 1st April for the very first time, just before their French tour, we have that rhythmic, vibrant group, Babajack. I first saw them at Bromsgrove Folk Club and realised they are a must see. Lead singer Bec sings in such an inspired manner, plays African drum and foot board all at the same time, and if this was not enough Trev plays slide, acoustic, wine box guitars and rack harmonica. In addition they are joined by Ian 'Ezer' Jenkins on bass and double bass, and Sue Bell on violin and vocals.

And then on 8th April our old friend and favourite, Mike Silver. “Being able to play music is like having my birthday every day. When you play for people, the size of the audience is irrelevant.” This is Mike’s approach to music and it makes every time he comes to the club very special.

The next night Saturday 9th Folk for Steve at the Bowling Green Stoke Prior enjoy; Nothing to Prove, Velvet Green, Billy and Lozz, Bryn Phillips, Dick Woodhouse, Hanky Panky and maybe others. Bryn will be there despite his name being missed off the main flyer for this event! Sorry Bryn! The event is a fund raiser for Steve the sound man from our sister club in Bromsgrove - We’re thinking of you Steve.

On the 15 April we get Full House . They play an exciting mix of songs and tunes drawn from many sources, including many of their own compositions. 
Ian Jones (Melodeon; Flute; Whistle)
Chris Lee (Acoustic and Electric Mandolins; Bass; Guitar; Vocals) 
Nick Mitchell (Vocals; Acoustic Guitar; Octave Mandola) 
Nick writes or co-writes most of the original songs in the Full House repertoire.
Dave Russell (Vocals; Fiddle; Bouzouki; Guitar; Bass

22 April the club is closed for Good Friday

Finally for April on 29th we have a Singer’s Night. We never know who will turn up on these nights and this makes for an awesome evening. If your friends need an introduction to modern Folk Music, this is the night to get them to come along.

Trailer for next month – Vin Garbutt will be with us!

Be happy, keep singing