Newsletter - June 2017

29 Dec 2018

Well May has bin ‘n gorn an’ day we have sum fun?
An’ now it’s almost June an’ we’m hopin’ for sum sun,
We kick orf with Malc Jeffrey an’ he’s always a good loff,
Then there’s other stuff to tell yer abaht, so ‘ang on tight, we’m off…….
(With apologies to Black Country bards one and all)!
You can all ignore Friday 2nd June as the club will be closed. A sizeable contingent of the club members will be enjoying the delights of the Wirral Folk Festival up near Ellesmere Port
But then on Friday 9th, as mentioned it’s everyone’s favourite nutcase Malcolm Jeffrey. Malcolm is certainly a very quirky performer but nonetheless very talented and always goes down a storm at the club, whether delivering comic songs à la Jake Thackray or Tom Lehrer or ballads brimming with delightful pathos. He describes himself thus: “a sort of classical guitarist; a frequenter of live music of vastly differing styles; an OK 3-ball juggler but pants with 4; a slow but accurate pencil sketcher; a collector of original Goon Show recordings; an occasional marquetry whittler and a bit of a draught beer quaffer”! Fits right in, don’t you think??
Friday 16th should be a treat as it’s a Club Residents Showcase Night. A veritable pot pourri of our prodigious local talent get to strut their stuff with a longer than usual spot tonight. As I write I have absolutely no idea who will be in the mix for sure, but I’m certain that you can all have very educated guesses as to whom those artistes might be and there will be no shortage of talent on show! The last time we held a residents night was July 3rd 2015 when we released the second Nothing To Prove CD,…… a few copies of which are still available by the way for those of you who haven’t yet got one….….I’ll just leave that there shall I?
On Friday 23rd it’s another fantastic Singers Night. You know the drill, get there early to book your spot as Singers' Nights are very popular and slots are limited However, to be sure, it would be best to book a spot in advance by contacting Debby & Derry either by phone or email - contact details are on the home page. Spots are limited to 14 and always fill up very quickly.
Please note that if you have pre-booked a spot you need to be at the club before 8:30 to confirm, or the slot may be re-allocated
Finally on Friday 30th it’s the return of the fantastic Gerry Colvin Band. Gerry and the band played a storming show at the club in April of last year and we are thrilled and delighted to welcome them back. A ‘slightly eccentric’ performer I think it would be fair to say, who writes all of the band’s material and performs it with real feeling. His songs are often quirky, sometimes very funny, always very skilfully written and presented in many varied ways, from rousing, full-band accompaniment to solo voice with just a double bass which makes your hair stand on end! You’ll need to be early for this one – we’ll be full!
As you know, next month will be a short one with a week taken out for Bromsgrove Folk festival and an early finish due to our summer closure, however there WILL be a couple of cracking nights before then and further details are on the website and will also be in the next newsletter.