Newsletter - January 2018

29 Dec 2018

Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year from all of us at the Woodman Folk Club!!

Well it's all over bar the shouting as me old Mum used to say. Christmas is a dim and distant memory; New Year’s celebrations are wearing off.....or still causing headaches, as the case may be! But despite all of that the show must go on......and we have a packed January programme for y’all down at the club, so without further ado we will begin the year on.....

……..Friday the 5th with another of our legendary Singers’ Nights. Don’t be disappointed, these singers nights are normally over-subscribed so do please contact Debby or Derry on 01384 560462 to ensure you get a floor spot, we have a maximum of 14 slots. Alternatively just come and enjoy the talent on display. A great night is guaranteed!

Then on the 12th we welcome back Will Morgan. Can you believe it’s been two years since Will graced the stage at the club!! A leg-end in his own lunchtime is Will, a master of the witty retort and comic song and a wonderful interpreter of the Jake Thakray back catalogue most of which are funny lyrically anyway, but Will has the ability to add his own touch and his anecdotes just increase the hilarity. One of the organising team and resident performers at Brewood Folk Club, Will also performs traditional songs, monologues and tall stories all of which adds up to a great evening from a great entertainer.

On Friday the 19th we have the very welcome return, for the umpteenth time, of our old friend Pete Kelly. As I’ve said before, you all know Pete – everybody knows Pete….he’s world famous from Tipton to Arizona and he might even bring along his pony! Pete has been delighting audiences both at the club, in other local venues and indeed further afield for many years now with his relaxed, easy style and long may he continue. An excellent guitarist; gifted songwriter; friend and long time supporter of the club and all round good egg. Welcome back Pete!

Finally, on the 26th we are delighted to be hosting The John Richards Band. These days John’s band is a bit of a ‘moveable feast’ in that, you never know quite what you will get! He has scaled down operations from his regular band gigging days however I believe tonight we will be royally entertained by John, Emma Jones, Ali Franklin and Jim Sutton. John always puts on a good show in whatever guise so be sure to catch this one, it’ll be worth it!
Not a bad start I reckon, so here’s to 2018…..bring it on!!


Rob x