Newsletter - Dec 2018

29 Dec 2018

Well that’s it then, 2018 is finally drawing to a close and once again it’s been a good’n! We’ve had a few new guests that will undoubtedly return, as well as lots of our old favourites that delight the club audience year on year. But sadly we now have only two club nights left before……….….the ‘C’ word!! So without further ado….

Friday 7th will be the final Singers’ Night of the year so as usual get there early to book your spot as Singers' Nights are very popular and slots are limited However, to be sure, it would be best to book a spot in advance by contacting Debby & Derry either by phone or email - contact details are on the home page. Please note that if you have pre-booked a spot you need to be at the club before 8:30 to confirm, or the slot may be re-allocated

Then finally the 14th brings us the night you’ve all been drea…...waiting for…’s the highlight of the year, yes it’s the Woodman Christmas Panto Extravaganza!!

So, what can we expect this year I wonder? It could well be Robinson Crusoe…….but with a Sleeping Beauty backdrop (backdrops are in limited and not-very-varied supply), OR possibly Cinderella…..who has magically acquired 7 new dwarf friends and a magic lamp!! Who knows….and more to the point, who cares? All I can say with relative certainty is that the magnificent troupe of thespians that we all know and err…..tolerate will be treading the boards again in dubious style for our delectation and delight. As usual a magnificent buffet supper will be provided in the all-inclusive price, so there is definitely something to look forward to!!

And that about wraps up another fantastic year for the best folk club in the Midlands so have a fantastic break with friends and family and we’ll be here to welcome you all back on Friday 4th of January.

Cheers folks, ‘Enjoy yourselves’

Rob x